Услуги для бизнеса

1. The competitive economic intelligence in relation to legal (all forms of ownership) and individuals (private entrepreneurs) of Ukraine, the collection of files
2. Authentication and other biographical data.
3. Authentication of enterprise data.
4. Investigation of insurance claims, verification of the reliability of information about the circumstances of insurance claims.
5. Covert surveillance.
6. The examination on the observation - the service is provided to detect surveillance by you.
7. Searching for missing persons, debtors, fraudsters.
8. Assistance to lawyers (information gathering, data validation, etc.)
9. Forensic examination

Documents, banknotes and securities

10. The service "mystery shopping».
11. Verification of insurance claims.
12. Check business partners.
13. Polygraph. In conducting polygraph examinations may set

1. The distortion of personal biographical data;
2. The true motives of joining (identifying individuals embedded);
3. The presence of drug and alcohol and other dependence;
4. Details of past offenses, crimes and misdemeanors;
5. Connection with criminal elements;
6. The presence of criminal and other purposes;
7. Hidden faults;
8. The presence of abnormalities and suicidal tendencies and deviant (rejected) from the norms of behavior;
9. The circumstances of the offenses committed by the service;
10. And also different from the information - by customer request.

14. Testing of candidates for employment, lifestyle, relationships, and competing in state institutions firms, previous employment, reasons for dismissal.
15. Observation of staff in order to prevent / detect fraud, theft, embezzlement.
16. Checking the "purity" of pre-sale of the property or vehicle.
17. Monitoring your vehicles with GPS, to management of your transport and detection (deviations from the route and mode of movement of your transportation)
18. Services in the field of technical information security

1. Comprehensive testing facilities, offices, apartments, etc. the presence of listening devices of any type.
2. Check vehicles for beacons radio controlled fuses, radio microphones, Audio-video equipment hidden bookmarks, and GPS.
3. Furnishing the means of technical protection of information.
4. Advisory services in the field of protection against eavesdropping.
5. Create a full documentation package KSZI (comprehensive information security system):
on the AU Class "1" and the AU class "2»
6. The initial certification of a PC with a full package of documents KSZI.
7. PC re-certification.
8. PC with the issue of re-certification packet of documents for the establishment of KSZI.
9. Initial inspection and certification of selected facilities (office manager, office, etc.) to meet the modern requirements of technical protection of information from leaking via acoustic channels and channels PEMIN in accordance with the latest techniques GSSZI Ukraine.
10. Initial survey and certification of meeting room to meet the modern requirements of technical protection of information from leaking via acoustic channels and channels PEMIN.
11. Research and copying equipment certification.
12. Research and certification of equipment by telephone, facsimile, telegraph, video and television equipment.
13. Measurement of sound insulation of building constructions office and residential premises.
14. Special measurement and certification of shielded facilities (server, camera, car, etc.).
15. Carrying out the presence of spetsissledovany electromagnetic or other radiation, impede the work of the RER and adversely affecting human health.
16. Validation of a digital PBX PEMIN and end user devices with the issuance of documents and passports to the PBX.
17. Equipment, conference rooms and meeting rooms counterespionage apparatus.



















19. Detection of listening devices.
12. Providing information security of computer systems, servers, etc.
Testing the safety of your computer systems.
21. Consultations on the safety of the enterprise.