Services for family

1. Detection of adultery with the provision of photo / video reports, to identify contacts of the observed persons leaving the place of vacation or business trip facility, conducting other activities of a personal nature

2. Verification of marital status, identification, and other biographic data that characterize the identity

3. Identifying false brides and grooms (anti scamm) - service is useful for those seeking a life partner in absentia, that is, using the Internet or correspondence. Often, many scammers use other people's photographs and documents, posing as other people are cashing in on the feelings and trust other people.

4. To assist parents in monitoring the teenager, setting his circle of friends, an analysis of the behavior of adolescents in order to prevent negative consequences (leaving home, offenses, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.)

5. Checking the quality of performance of their duties nannies, governesses, housemaids

6. Searching for missing persons, debtors, fraudsters;

7. The search of the property, real estate, motor vehicles

8. Monitoring your vehicles with GPS, to management of your transport and detection (deviations from the route and mode of movement of your transportation)

9. Facilitation of lawyers (information gathering, data validation, etc.)

10. Other confidential services